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    Default Comcast Questions (Just started looking into cable)

    I have a few pre-ordering questions.

    1. Do they have a month to month service or do you have to sign a contract?

    2. I don't care about being able to receive HD but I do want a DVR, can I still get a DVR cheaper than a HD DVR? I haven't found the answer to that one and I've been searching for a while.

    3. If my apartment is already ready for cable service, do I have to have a Comcast technician come inside my apartment? I just don't care for strangers coming to my apartment, whether they're employed by a major company or not.

    4. Does Comcast require a deposit?

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    1. Your choice. If you are willing to sign a contract, you might get a better deal, though.

    2. You won't find a definitive answer to this online because it will depend on each town. You'll have to go into the local Comcast office and ask, to know for sure. Generally, though, more and more, the answer is that they only have HD DVRs available.

    3. Again, this depends on how operations are set up in each town. Generally, though, you want them to come inside your apartment. Your apartment probably was never prepared for digital cable, and Comcast, like all major cable companies and satellite providers, is converting to digital now. You want them to check all your cable run connectors and splitters, and you want them replacing any that aren't going to be sufficient. You want them checking your signal levels. If they cannot get to where you're plugging into the cable, then there is no way for them to make the proper adjustments to ensure your service will work reliably. And if they don't do it when you are initially installed, and you have to call them in later to fix something, they're likely going to charge you extra for any inside wiring work they have to fix at that time.

    4. It depends on what they can tell of your credit rating.

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    To add from my good friend bicker.. we do not do contracts unless you are looking for a specific promotion for a longer than usual promo, for example, 2 years versus 6 months or 12 months.

    For the DVR we do have them, but to bicker's point it is up to you. HD only is cheaper than DVR. In the majority of the markets having combo HD/DVR is the same price as a DVR. Me personally if the price of the DVR is the same as the HD/DVR i would just get the HD/DVR. As prices of HD tv's come down more and more everyday, might as well get the combo.

    Lastly, if you would like assistance with prices and packages, please email me directly at we_can_help@cable.comcast.com. I have subject matter experts that can help you out.

    Oh and I totally agree with bicker around the professional installation by our techs. That would be needed. But I will say the installation price is usually standard. As far as apartments like adding outlets cutting into walls and so forth this is usually at the discretion of the apartment complex. They like for their contractors to do the work usually for various reasons. But most apartments will have an outlet in the primary living and bedrooms already installed. Per bicker though, our techs would definitely check to ensure that the cable wiring and connectors are good.

    I hope this has helped along with "bicker's" post.

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