Question: 90 MPH winds, now some HD channels out, where to start?


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So we have always had issues with our basic HD receiver with not receiving certain HD channels but now since a storm blew in, I am missing HD channels.

I went out to try and fine tune my slimline 5 triple LNB oval dish but it is just plain hard.

I am in Oak Hill, Ohio 45656. A local guy said to just set the tilt at 74, the elevation at 34 then slightly turn left and/or right until I get a high signal on the meter for 101 and 99ca. Not sure if this is right.

I did install the whole system 10 years ago so I know about this stuff but when it comes to the transponders, etc, I am a dummy, any advice would be appreciated because a technician is my LAST RESORT.


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Sounds right, with a triple LNB the other 2 sats should line up if 101 is centered on the correct location.