9865HDC DVR Poor On Demand Performance - Time Warner TV

This question is about "9865HDC DVR Poor On Demand Performance", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Is anyone else with a 9865HDC enhanced DVR having trouble with on demand channels? I continually get not available messages. I even get the messages just scrolling through the selections. Sometimes it pops up and then goes away after a second. Other times it reverts me back the previous channel. It seems there is a lot more data to download for the graphical interface which may be part of the problem. Is it possible to switch to a text interface without all the graphics? What should I look for in the diagnostics menu that indicates signal strength?

Also, HBO on Demand seems to have a lot more content, but it takes forever to navigate to what I'm looking for. For instance, I wanted to watch an epsode of "The Young Pope". I had to scroll through the graphical section of HBO series until I got to the more options selection. I chose that and it switched into list mode. Then I scrolled down to the Y's to find the series. Of course after I selected the episode I wanted to watch, it said it was unavailable and I had to start over. Any tips on navigating quicker?

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