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    Default Do i need WVB with HR54? - DirecTV

    I am wondering if i need a wireless video bridge with wireless genie-mini, if my HR54 Genie is hard-wired to internet via DECA / Coax input? The HR54 built-in wi-fi is not being used, so i was wondering if that is used to connect to the wireless mini instead of adding the WVB?

    I was also happy to find the LAN port on the HR54 available to plug a device into - it bridges the internet from the DECA/Coax input to the LAN port. Verizon never let their boxes do this,

    This question, "Do i need WVB with HR54?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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    I was just told by a tech support person that the only difference between the HR44 and the HR 45 was that the HR45 mines support 4k

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