A “solution” to DVR usage is coming

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TV executives & advertisers want a “solution” to DVR usage | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"In an effort to reduce the number of viewers that are recording TV content only to skip commercials later, TV executives are brainstorming new subscription plans and other ideas. There are no easy answers now, but executives understand they will have to find solutions that don’t interfere with overall viewing experience.

DVRs have proven to be a double-edged sword for the tech industry now that overall use continues to increase. Broadcasters support the idea that TV viewers can watch episodes more than once at their own leisure, but realize a large number of DVR users skip through commercials." ...


I speculated a year or two ago that a profitable resolution to this problem must be forthcoming. If fewer people are watching the commercials then the advertising time is worth a lot less, and therefore there is much less justification to invest money making television programs.

I'm seeing a lot more product placement, but you can't have Frodo Baggins holding a Diet Coke, so that's a very limited solution. A lot of folks say that it's tough luck on the networks - that the cat is out of the bag - but that'll come back on bite the folks saying that, because if they're right, that the ability to skip commercials cannot effectively be curtailed, then the only way to keep television programs worth making would be the third tier of the three-tier model I outlined back when this issue was discussed previously:
... broadcast run ... They will ... have commercials ..., but in addition, they will have a significant amount of product and service advertising overlay -- perhaps as much as half of the [duration of the] program will have advertising for some product or service, in a strip either on the bottom, left or right [of the screen]. (It will [be in different locations at different points] during the episode.)
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