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This question is about "A cheaper and slower internet-only plan is in need", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I had been using a 100 mbps plan, but never got higher than 30 mbps at best. The average was about 24 mbps and in bad times I get 10 or lower speed. (All download speed). And actually I was still happy to pay the promotional price $45 for it, as 25 mbps was enough for me.
Recently my promotion ended and the price went up to $65. A 44% increase! I asked for a lower option as I am not willing to pay more than $50. Many of my friends who used TWC before they merged with Spectrum were paying $15 for 5 mbps or so, but I was told that this plan is not offered for anyone who started using spectrum after the merge. Although I was really satisfied with everything with Spectrum, I cancelled the plan and cut my internet. As a 1 person household I simply cannot afford to pay more than $50 for internet speed that is practically less than 30 mbps.

I have many other options like transferring to other internet company with cheaper & slower service. But what I would prefer the most is to use any other cheaper internet from Spectrum, as I was very satisfied with the customer service. In my case, a 25 mbps plan for around $30 would be perfect (and I’m thinking to transfering to a similar plan from a competitor), but if that’s not profitable then I would be willing to get a 10-15 mbps plan for any price lower than $30. Others may prefer 7mbps at $15 like TWC used to offer. All fine for me. I think the company will definitely be better off by keeping customers like me with a slightly lower priced plan, than losing them to other companies or (even worse) making them use other hidden ways to avoid high prices and still ise the service. It seems that the company’s doing their best to forbid it (e.g. no price negotiation in these days ), but some of those methods just cannot be captured. I am willing to pay a few dollars of a premium for having a peace of mind that I’m not cheating on the company. (This is why I’ll probably transfer to another company’s service and regardless of all the hassles. )

I strongly suggest the company to do some research on customers who are leaving because of the high price. Please find out their willingness to pay, and make adjustment to the current plans considering that there are at least 2 groups of customers with different demand elasticity with respect to price. (That is, when there’s a price increase, some people will stay and accept the new price while others will leave and shop for alternatives. )

A cheaper and slower internet-only plan is in need?


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TWC, or actually Charter at this point, is going to do whatever they feel like until enough people drop their service. They may not feel that it is cost effective to offer a lower speed service. After all, they have spent millions of dollars to upgrade their service. On the other hand most people only need a few Mbps. I do great on 8.5 down. CenturyLink, my ISP, is trying hard to get people to upgrade to the new faster service with "price for life." I may not live in this house for much longer, so I don't see any advantage to upgrading at the moment.