A&E to debut reality series 'Modern Dads' based on stay-at-home dads


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A&E is continuing to roll out reality television, the latest project on the table being the unscripted series, Modern Dads. This show, which was just given the okay last week to go into production, focuses on several stay-at-home fathers as they attempt to raise their children while also retaining what could be called their manhood. Officially, the summary of the show states that it is about, "a diverse group of stay-at-home dads balancing guy-life with dad-life."

View attachment 2314 While the notion of women staying home to raise their children is still the norm in America, there are some well known exceptions, going back to ex-Beatle John Lennon who stopped working to be at home with son, Sean, for five years. On screen, there was the hit movie, Mr. Mom, with Teri Garr and Michael Keaton. Most recently, NBC took up the plot with the troubled Up All Night series.

The series is expected to begin filming in Austin, Texas immediately and will have a first year run of eight episodes. The press release for the show indicates that the married men are like a fraternity for whom "babes in your bed" now takes on a new meaning.

The project comes from Sirens Media, best known for developing the Real Housewives of New Jersey series.