A& E's Dog The Bounty Hunter is cancelled

It appears this dog won't hunt anymore, at least not on the A& E channel as news arrives that "Dog the Bounty Hunter" has been cancelled. Am I the only one that won't be sorry to see this reality TV show end after 8 seasons?

For those of you who have never watched the show, it was based on the adventures and sometimes misadventures of Duane Chapman, better known as Dog, a bounty hunter known for finding criminals and bail jumpers. Dog's looks and appearance sure don't fit into the same class as reality stars on The Housewives various series or those of the Kardashian fame. He sure helped to soften the shock of seeing new stars like the Appalachian's on "Swamp People", The History Channel's new reality show.

Series ratings have been good for "Dog The Bounty Hunter" despite various legal issues with Dog and some of his family members. Looks like liabilities trump ratings in this case.

I won't be tuning in next month as A&E starts showing the final episodes. I'll just turn my interests to A&E's new venture "Swamp People", or not. How about you?