A Must-see Movie...


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I just watched Resident Evil 4 and I was really amazed by it. Well, I have watched the first 3 parts of it and also amazes me. The story from the first one to the 4th was all amazing. Part 4 is my favorite coz' (Wentworth Miller was there, am a huge fan lol) the problem solving was amazing and the stunts were breathtaking.


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the resident evil was based to the computer games. if it is great on the games then it will surely be also on the movie. i watched 1 and 3 but i missed the part 2. i think thats the reason why there are somethings that are not clear to me. i need to watch per episode then before moving to another part. :(


I've never watched any of the movies, but I have played the game (or one of the games) and I actually liked it! I usually don't like games like that but this one surprised me.


Like the good movies made out from popular comics characters, so are the ones made based on popular computer games. The only movie I watched from the latter genre was Tomb Raider and it was good.


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Indeed it was a great movie, all four parts and i can't wait for the next part. It seems there is another one because of how part four ended. We'll just have to wait and see. I am anticipating for it.