A WARNING(revised)

So, recently moved to DTV from comcast. BAD MOVE
the input button on the new direct tv remote doesnt work.
looked online first, found a list of 19 different codes to try, only 3 of them worked at all, the other 16, not even the power button worked, and the 3 that did work, did not fix the input button.

Call this lady on the phone, she is clueless, has no idea what i am talking about, puts me on hold to another less than intelligent being who is supposedly a technician.

After her trying to bark new codes at me, me telling her they wont work, i tried em, she finally admits, "we do not guarantee our remotes to work with all devices, sorry" and tells me I will need to go buy another remote just to get the input to change on my tv.

Yeah, it does not have one on the face, the old comcast remote worked fine, never was a problem before.


I think it is important enough to repost this, yes. I dont want this bs happening to someone else.
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LOL much better. You may just have the wrong code. I remember it took me a few days to get the remote to work with my TV too.