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See my previous thread where all was well and my first frustration issue was solved on 12/29 after several days of issues: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Non-X1-Service/Cablecard-Deactivated-by-Comcast/m-p/2848629#M186269

Move forward just over a week and that same cablecard and this time my cablemodem were deleted from the "system". I was able to re-activate my cablemodem through self activation..but the cable card was once again deleted from the system. On my service call to cable card activation on 1/4, I was told the problem that cable card keeps being deleted from the system was most likely due to the fact it could be a bad card. They apologized for the continued issues. No cablecards were available at my local office, so they said they would ship me a card directly next day.

So today, 1/6, my "cablecard" arrived....... IT is not a cable card.. it is a cable box RNG110, with power cable, remote and all the accessories...... now through the holes in the top of the box, I can see a cable card... I assume they don't want me to break apart this box and remove that cable card and install it in my Tivo.

So tomorrow, I will drive to my nearest comcast office, speak to a live person and try to get this all worked out....perhaps they can figure out what will work..

Honestly most everyone I have spoken to has been kind, but I have yet to find someone to resolve this once and for all... and what is making this issue continue to happen?

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