ACC Basketball Tournament Predictions


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As Conference tournaments are already underway the ACC leaves basketball fans with a few interesting possibilities. Here are my predictions for the ACC tournament.

#12 Wake Forest vs #13 Notre Dame- Wake Forest
Notre Dame's first season in the ACC has not gone nearly as planned, and due to injuries and a downright dismal season I do not see any relief here.

#10 Miami vs #15 Virginia Tech- Miami
A 9-21 season in Blacksburg will not translate to any win in the ACC tournament.

#11 Georgia Tech vs #14 Boston College- Boston College
Boston College has shown the ability to pull upsets (i.e. Syracuse) but Georgia Tech also has shown this ability vs Syracuse. However I think the Eagles come to play with nothing to lose and come out victorious.

#8 Maryland vs #9 Florida State- Maryland
Maryland finished out their season with a win over than #5 Virginia in a killer overtime. Look for that fire to continue vs Florida State.

#5 Pittsburgh vs Game 1 Winner (Wake Forest)- Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh has been good and bad, but mostly the season has been a season of beating the teams they should and losing to the teams they should (except for a few games). They will pull off this win however.

#7 NC State vs Game 2 Winner (Miami)- Miami
Miami is in a win-it-all situation in the ACC tournament and the teams split during the regular season. I believe Miami will overcome the Wolfpack and continue onto the next round.

#6 Clemson vs Game 3 Winner (Boston College)- Clemson
Congrats Boston College on making it past the first round but here is where the season ends. Look for Clemson to win big in this match up.

#1 Virginia vs Game 4 Winner (Maryland)- Virginia
The rematch of the regular season finale of both teams. Maryland pulled off the first one but Virginia and their stellar defense holds Maryland to minimal scoring.

#4 North Carolina vs Game 5 Winner (Pitt)- North Carolina
Look for UNC to return to their winning ways after a loss from Duke in their season finale.

#2 Syracuse vs Game 6 Winner (Miami)- Syracuse
The Orange will prove to tough of an opponent for Miami as long as they look like the normal Syracuse and not the losing one.

#3 Duke vs Game 7 Winner (Clemson)- Duke
Duke is coming off of a win vs bitter rival UNC and they will run straight through the Tigers in this matchup.

Game 8 Winner (Virginia) vs Game 9 Winner (UNC)- Virginia
People say defense wins championships and Virginia has an impressive record vs good teams. Look for the Cavaliers to downright shutdown the Tar Heel offense.

Game 10 Winner (Syracuse) vs Game 11 Winner (Duke)- Duke
The Blue Devils have something to prove vs the Syracuse and judging on the Syracuse we have observed lately this is a very possible win.

Game 12 Winner (Virginia) vs Game 13 Winner (Duke)- Virginia
One of Virginia's only losses this season came on a near last second shot that got a little help from the rim. Look for Virginia to come back with a vengeance and contain freshman superstar Jabari Parker.

ACC Champion: Virginia Cavaliers

Remember this is my opinion so don't crucify me if you disagree but let me know who your'e champion is or where your'e bracket strays from mine.


Wake Forest 81, Notre Dame 69; Miami 57, Virginia Tech 53; Georgia Tech 73, Boston College 70.

You were 2/3 on the first night, not bad at all. I was going to say that your predictions looked right on the money, with perhaps Notre Dame over Wake Forest in the first round being the only game I would change. If I had done that, I'd only be 1/3. With the exception of the top two teams, I'm not really impressed by the ACC this year. Conference tournaments are notoriously unpredictable, though, so nothing would really surprise me.


Well, you called the finals and the winner, so I would have to say your predictions were a rousing success! You weren't really going out on a limb calling the #1 seed and the #3 seed in the final, but it turns out you were right to be suspicious of #2 Syracuse. I'm a Maryland alum, so the tournament wasn't that interesting to me after the second round. No NCAA bid, of course, and I can't see us doing much better in the Big 10 next year...
Yeah, I thought Syracuse was going to go 35-0 at one point!!! I can't believe how quickly they fell down and didn't really recover this season once the Orange started losing games!