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This question is about "Activation "Wizard" assigns wrong Modem.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Some background:

I recently purchased a Netgear CM700, which is listed as a compatible modem for speeds up to 400.

When utilizing the activation website, Spectrum identifies this as a product from Arris. This not a typographical error on my part. I carefully input the MAC address (btw Netgear and Arris MAC's aren't even close to similar).

The website then goes on to state that the modem is not compatible (but it does allow me to complete the process).

While my modem seems to be working properly, I do receive several "No Ranging Response - T3 Timeout) errors throughout the day. And have periods of disconnect and slow speeds. I want to be certain that the appropriate initialization was actually set to my modem. Possibly not related, but the Spectrum page where you can reset your modem, says

"We’re sorry, we’re unable to display your network connection status right now. If you’re having issues, please troubleshoot device."

Interestingly the Spectrum app has no problem seeing my modem connection and will allow me to reset my equipment. Of course, since Spectrum didn't properly recognize my modem in the first place ...

For the record I was also getting random disconnects and slow speeds then utilizing the Spectrum provided Hitron modem. Of course, the gui is locked on that model, so I am unable to snoop under the hood.

The question: Is the fact that Spectrum mis-identified my modem going to be an issue? If so, who can fix it?


Activation "Wizard" assigns wrong Modem.?

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