Adaptive Antenna Technology

Adaptive Antenna Technology

The so-called "smart antenna" technology continues to evolve and find practical application in WiFi networking situations. You can learn quite a bit about these developments by browsing Ruckus Wireless , especially under the TECHTALK tab. The main thrust of Ruckus' innovation seems to be their "BeamFlex" adaptive antenna technology.

Two videos I found interesting:
Bill Kish on Transmit Beamforming | Ruckus Wireless
GT Hill on Interference | Ruckus Wireless

You'll notice they still use the word "smart" quite a bit. "Smart WiFi" ;) The smart antenna idea worked, but I believe it was overkill for OTA broadcasts, where after all, the transmitters are unlikely to move around on a daily basis, and a larger antenna can make up for a quite a bit of "dumbness." Also, a larger antenna doesn't require a power supply or extra maintenance.

BTW, you can still get a smart antenna setup, if you're willing to pay the price... You can throw together an RCA ANT2000 and an RCA STB7766G1 on eBay for a total of $80.85 . :rolleyes: Don't even think about hooking up the ANT2000 with more than one TV. (It's not that smart.)


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