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I think that I found a way to add a custom ring tone for use by the Xfinity Connect app and would like to both vet it and see if there is an easier way...and to suggest Xfinity extend the article to iOS and other mobile OS', and doing this from other computer OS'. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active running Android 8. I want to add a custom ringtone to distinguish a call to my mobile from a forwarded call to my home.

- created and saved a custom ring tone (.mp3) to my PC

- connected my phone to my PC with a USB cable

- allowed my PC to see files on my phone

- navigated to [phone]/phone/Xfinity/Notifications

- noted the set of Xfinity ringtones was present

- pasted a copy of the ringtone mp3 file

- closed the application, waited a few minutes, re-opened the application

- noted and chose the new mp3 ringtone file

- tested by calling my home number from a third line

- smiled

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