Advent 34" Direct-View HDTV, accessing Service Menu?

Does anyone out there know the sequence of buttons i need to press to open up the Service Menu on this TV? it's a flat-CRT (tries to be a flat panel, early model from 2003) HDTV i got for free, all resolutions work all the way to 1080i (excellent picture!) but it has a minor pincushion effect on the left and right sides, not bad but seems i could fix it if i adjusted it but adjustment is only possible through the service menu, and i don't know how to get into it. thanks


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As always, use caution when working in a service menu. I've seen people turn $2000 TVs into $2000 bricks.

I have the service code for mine, but have never been into it. I heard there was not a lot of (useful) things I could do in there anyway. Several people bricked their sets within days of the codes for my set being posted on a users forum!
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I dont have any tips for you DTVuser, but I have an old Sanyo 27" CRT with pincushion distortion problems as well, which I havent been able to sort out via the menu system. Ive just been overscanning with the zoom function.
Well i killed it :( apparently adjusting the DEFLECT setting in Menu 4 can brick a set. now it turns on but no picture, no high voltage, no sound. just the power LED. oh well.

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