Question: Advice on a recent install, please :)


After my success with dumping DirecTV and going OTA and Netflix, my parents wanted to do the same. So, being that I have a little experience in the OTA arena, I was tapped to head up the install.

I installed an AntennaCraft C290 in their attic (about 35' above ground level) pointed at app. 264* True. Their house was wired at construction - each room has a coax that leads to the crawl space, one lead was put in the attic for an antenna. So, from the antenna, I'm guessing there is 35' to the crawl space and another 40' back to his main TV.

When I first installed everything, we easily picked up WVUP, WWBT, and WCVE. I assumed the UHF reception was lacking on the C290, so I went ahead and ordered a AntennaCraft U4000 to cover the UHF and combined them with a UVSJ UHF VHF Band Separator/Combiner. I installed it in the attic facing 264* looking right out of a decorative window (that's at the peak of there house) about 3-4' to the side of the C290. Once everything was connected, the results were better, we were able to get everything but WRLH (of course, this is the station my dad really wants to watch his Redskins games on). I checked all the connections and adjusted the antennas as best I could and we were able to get WRLH to come in for a while, but apparently he lost it again after I left and I was not able to get it back today.

So, looking at my TV Fool Report TV Fool it would seem that WRLH would be fairly easy to get... but of course, it's going to be a problem.

I'm not sure what I should try next? Any advice on my antenna config or setup? Should I consider a pre-amp or amp? Also, once I get the channels strong on one tv, would it be possible to split the signal in the crawl space to feed another tv or two?

Thanks for the help!!!

Jayson in VA


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You might try it this way...

Put your C290 on 264° T, and consider* using a Channel Master CM-7778 Pre-Amp just on this line.
Put your U400 on 314° T.
Get rid of your USVJ, and use a Winegard SP-2052 to combine.

* = You might wait on the Pre-Amp to see how the stations firm up after a while.


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I had to write another Post since I still can't edit my Posts...

I meant to type U4000 not U400. and...

IF you decide to go with a Pre Amp, you might need to change out your existing Splitter for the Room lines. Not all Splitters will Power Pass.