AEREO cries out for help.


Thursday night, Aereo pleaded for its life to a New York federal judge, claiming it was "bleeding to death" in its current nonoperational state. Says they will likely close up shop if not permitted to function. Is this just maneuvering for position or the real deal? How long can Aereo hold out?

Whole story here Hollywood Reporter.
Love the situation - You are a cable company, but you aren't a cable company.
Don't worry The courts and Congress will get their story straight within 5 ... 10 ... 15 years or so. Everyone will be able to get any station they want online at a decent price. Then Kanojia can say "I told you so."

It never pays to be ahead of your time.

Do you ever get the feeling "things" are in some kind of blind, confused haze? It is like we are going in circles.
Exactly how Obama wants it. Remember it was his buddies in the executive branch that jumped in to snuff out Aereo. "Progress?? Nooooooo way! Leave that to China!!"

The Circuit Cout's Answer to Aereo's Cry for Halp

On Thursday, the 2cnd Circuit Court of Appeals REMANDED the REMAND. They said that Aereo can argue it should be treated as a cable company, that's fine. But not at their exalted level. Noooooo! They have to go all the way back to square one with the trial courts.

Second Circuit rejects Aereo's new argument

You think Kanojia will take the hint now?

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