After Avatar, Blu-ray interest back to normal (article)

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After Avatar, Blu-ray interest back to normal | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

... "According to data from Nielsen Videoscan, and reported by TV Technology, Blu-ray sales accounted for 22 percent of all disc-based home media revenue during the week of Avatar’s release on Blu-ray, higher than any week in the last year. But a week later — the week ending May 2 — Blu-ray’s share was down to 15 percent, which is on the high side but not out of the ordinary." ...


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Have you read all the anti-3D stuff, too, that talks about how detrimental it is to your health? I don't recall the specifics, but it's been on local news off an on since all the hoopla.
Not a fan of Avatar AT ALL, but I do agree that Blu-Ray seems to be the ideal way to watch a special effects fest like that, even if I personally couldn't care any less about it.

Only makes sense that Avatar would have such a profound effect on Blu-Ray sales, although I still don't have Blu-Ray nor do I have any real desire to get it soon either, even if I did have the money for it.

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