Again with the Google UFO theme

This time it's happened again. this time it's showing a flying saucer hovering over a crop circle GOOGLE logo. again, no tooltip. i think the last one had something to do with the anniversary of Silverwing, the ancient Japanese game with the bad translation (all your base are belong to us) but this time i'm confused....
I saw that today too, guess it has something to do with crop circles. Not sure why they've had so many alien themes lately. Is there an anniversary for Roswell this month?
Roswell UFO incident happened on July 8, 1947. so i doubt that.

The last one was marking the anniversary of the dated Japanese Video Game, Zero Wing. the clue was in a series of tweets with numbers corresponding to the letters of the alphabet arranged as (after translation) "all you're O's are belong to us" a obvious homage to 'All your base are belong to us" from Zero Wing. it also showed the UFO 'abducting' the second 'O' from 'Google.' so i guess that mystery was solved. yet today's i doubt Zero Wing is enough to explain that.


Explaining the first Google UFO logo:
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I was googling UFO google and came to this site so I joined. Today is the third UFO theme in the recent months I have come across. Today it is H.G.Wells birthday and there is a picture of the tripods in action over a farmhouse.

Both Astronaughs Cooper and Dr Mitchell have stated that NASA and the government is planning on informing the public that UFOs do in fact exist. Maybe google is helping out in the campaign to sort of soften the blow by utilizing a desensitizing method of posting such photos. even though they're cartoon drawings it helps draw attention to the subject at hand.



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Well I must admit with my own paranoia, disillusionment of the government, the same thought crossed my mind.

I don't really need to told, or they have some very fancy aircraft I have seen in my life. It's probably time they just say, well, there are things we can't explain, at the very least.
I still believe the SR-71 Blackbird was created by does spark my sci-fi curiosity:

....That and the fact that it's been 'grounded' for over a decade now.


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Nice picture. I have always felt that the technology advances between the U-2 the SR-71 happened way way way too quick. The black bird has technology in it that was not again incorporated into military aircraft until the late 1970's and early 80's when the Stealth Fighter and Bomber were on the drawing board. Then consider computers were super primitive in those days to the point someone fast with a slide rule could out run them if they only needed 3 significant figures. So much of the SR-71 was designed with sliderules? I had the privilege knowing Dr Ballard that worked with Dr Land (the Polaroid Land Camera guy) on the Norton Bomb site. They did it with slide rules in the 1940s, and it took rooms full of people to design the lens, just like distributed computing is done today with multiple processors but with multiple people with slide rules.

To me the time it took from conception to completion of the SR-71 never seemed possible. Lets not even talk about designs in the airframe and engine that were unheard of at the time.