Age limit too young?


My friend was telling me the other day that she thinks that 16 is just too young for American Idol. She said she noticed that every year, it is the younger ones that get their feelings hurt easier, and the ones that usually can't handle the pressure as well as the older contestants. I am not sure I agree with her on that, but I have seen what fame can do to a young person.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Is it really 16? All that time spent away from parents/school doesn't seem right. I can't imagine Idol taking on that responsibility of having to care/chaperon a 16-17 year old finalist if the parents can't be in town?
Well I don't think 16 is too young...but I do think that the kid has to have a guardian with them in LA...but if that is their dream I don't think 16 is too in the music industry no matter what you are going to get your feelings's a fact of life in the music world.


I think that 16 are much too young. She should be doing some school work and playing with her friends. Getting involved early in showbiz will take most of her time from being a teenager.
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