Air Check: Local News Goes Into Sandy Overdrive


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As we move into Day 2 of Hurricane Sandy (now reclassified as Superstorm Sandy), TV news crews from Washington to Boston are working at full force providing wall-to-wall coverage, armed with precautions including ropes to tether satellite masts, cash in case of getting stranded and out-of-market reinforcements.
Where I live in western NY south of Buffalo, NY. I am able to listen to WCBS AM 880, New York, KYW AM 1060 Philadelphia, and WBAL AM 1090, out of Baltimore, to name just a few AM Radio stations available when the nighttime skywave sets up. I was listening to WCBS radio on the night the storm was hitting New York, when high tide was coming WCBS radio was on generators, but still putting out a booming signal, they however had begun to simulcast on a local New York FM station, because they were afraid they would have to shut down the AM broadcast, but I am unaware if they ever did. For those not familiar with the east coast, many of the Philadelphia, TV stations, are local TV coverage, for much of New Jersey, including many of the places devastated by hurricane Sandy. No doubt the broadcast media has done much to help save lives in this terrible storm.


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Hurricane Sandy knocks Many Stations Off Air
I stop listening before 10 PM. Monday and called it a night, but as of Tuesday Morning and Tuesday night and currently WCBS 880 AM appears to have stay on the air. While listening to WCBS tonight, it would appear that Verizon Wireless was 60 percent capacity, in New York city, and T Mobile had only lost 20 percent of its coverage in the city. They also announced that T Mobile and AT&T had struck a deal to share towers during the emergency, but no information of what condition AT&T wireless was in. That deals with New York City, I can't imagine what cellphone coverage is like in New Jersey. AM 770 was still on but not carrying local programming, for that WFAN 660 AM (former WNBC) was also still on the, but running sports. I did for little bit listen to a AM radio station from Hartford Connecticut, but can't remember where it was on the dial. When I was a teenager ( a while ago) WABC AM 770 and WNBC 660 AM (now WFAN), played the top 40 hits, so did WLS AM 890 out of Chicago, yes I am getting old.

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Last night's DX for AM radio was awesome. I am in Seattle and I logged a 610 KVOI (no time to look it up) 750 from Oregon (?), 780 KRH and KOH in Nevada, 800 in the Okanogan, 850 (where?) 920 in Spokane and 930 in Edmonton Albrerta Canada. By the time I ID'd them, it was way past my bedtime. Zzzz.

Time to try again, above 920 kHz.

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