Airlink 101 digital to analog converter problem

I have been using an Airlink 101 converter box on one analog TV for over a year, and it worked OK, until just last month (Sept. 2009) a black rectangle started popping in that covers about 90% of the screen. The channels seem to tune in at first, but after a few seconds, the black rectangle pops up and stays there, and only the edges of the picture are visible, although the channel seems to be tuned in behind the obstruction and sound is not affected.

When the analog JVC TV it is connected to is powered up, it displays a blue screen with a "V" in the upper right hand corner that has two lines projecting off the top of the (sort of like if this "emoticon": <== if it was rotated 90º counter-clockwise and the = was spaced further apart). I never noticed this before, and it only happens when the Airlink unit is powered up.

Anyone out there have the same or similar experience with this model? Any suggestions?

(Airlink Tech Support History on this) In what passes for online customer service from Airlink, they directed me to try things such as setting to defaults, turning off closed caption, making sure the TV works with a DVD source, etc. Near the end of this round of communication, I got what I considered to be an indirect admission from an Airlink tech rep: "Given the fact the Digital converter box is defective..." that this might be a problem with the product line indicating a general recall. After that, I was given a link which I followed to message the RMA dept., which first tried to automatically open up another support ticket, which would have just continued an endless frustrating loop back through the tech reps, and after I pointed this out and asked for an RMA #, they have not replied with an RMA or instructions in over 2 weeks.
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One of the best explanations of this issue, and ways to resolve it, is at Get rid of that pesky black box! by Jeff Hartman, chief engineer for WSYR-Syracuse, NY, and a slew of smaller stations nearby. Money quote:
"Why is there a black box on my screen sometimes, and how do I get rid of it?"
This is a feature called Teletext (I use the word "feature" loosely) -- the idea is to use the TV to display text information, though I am not aware of any programming that actually takes advantage of it. Teletext is a cousin to closed captioning, but instead of inserting small blocks of dialog over the screen like captioning, Teletext inserts a large block over your picture:

Since this feature is hardly ever programmed with actual text, chances are that you will only see a blank box with no text inside.

"So how do I get rid of the box?"
The Teletext box can be created either in your TV or in the converter box; since this seems to be a newly surfacing problem, chances are that the converter is the culprit... especially since the button that makes this happen is right next to the channel change buttons on many remote controls.
If Hartman's advice doesn't help, then it's time to pester Airlink for that RMA number again. If you get more of the runaround, tell 'em the longer you have to wait for a straight answer, the more likely you are to file a consumer fraud complaint with your state attorney general's office. That ought to get their attention in a hurry.

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