Airwolf 'reimagined?!'

I just tuned into RTV for my weekly fix of Airwolf, a knigh-rider-esque show starring a helicopter in a similar stint as K.I.T.T., only no voice. a cool series i must say, with the normal characters such as Dominic Santini, Hawke, and of course that creepy white-robed Archangel.

Today's sucked completely. the theme was all wrong, and all those characters are gone. there's some teen and another guy, all the effects are cheesy, and the entire story sounds like a rip-off of Dragnet 1968, complete with the USSR involved. guys die for no reason.

OK was there a second series in the late 1980s or early 90s that was attempting to re-imagine Airwolf? because what i'm watching is NOT the Airwolf i remember nor do i have any interest in it.

What is going on at RTV and why are they losing their 'retro' shows? what's next? reruns of the crappy remade Battlestar?


Yes, you've stumbled upon USA network's attempted extension to the original CBS series, much like "Galactica 1980" futhered the original Battlestar Galactica. Or not.

Also known as Airwolf II," it followed the show's third season by about a year. It was one of the first US shows produced entirely in Canada, and in addition to the new cast, it had an entirely new production team to boot. They did this to shore up 79 syndicated episodes, a precedent I believe set by the original Star Trek. That's why you're seeing it now on RTV. That also probably means that they'll be getting back around to the first season pretty soon.

You can experience all the joy here:
Airwolf: Season 4

And here's a good article or two from 1986 better explaining what happened.
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Thanks, i wanted to be wrong though :( so far RTV has (temporarily) cancelled airings of Black Sheep Squadron (correctly-known as BAA BAA Black Sheep) but returned in on Sundays. then they did away with their retromercials (the same way TV Land did) and then put on a 2006 horror movie fest known as Midnight Monster Hop (not retro, and just like TV Land to add 'newer' shows) took out most of their B&W shows (with the exception of Alfred Hitchcock) and of course added Seinfeld (not retro, and a lot like the move TV Land did with adding Murphy Brown)

So sadly i am afriad that RTV is going the way of TV Land, and i wouldn't be too surprised if they add 'RTV Originals' and reality shows that died off. they're airing the destruction of our own Landmark, the Executive Inn (a move i'm FIRMLY AGAINST! they're just going to build another one exactly like it!! whatever happened ot historical landmark status?!) on that channel and every other on the TV here, even the distants, which means no TV for me.

and, this crappy remade Airwolf. i sure hope the original comes back soon! why can't people remake a show with all the original stuff intact?! i mean they killed BattleStar Galactica both in 1980 and the other newer ones, even making some characters gender change, and also throwing out all the original stories. why can't they simply add the nicer special effects yet leave a series alone otherwise, like they did when they remastered the original Star Trek? (at least the show was the same, just new effects, a lot nicer than doing away and making a teen-version the way BSG went)
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Nope, this remade Airwolf is airing currently on Saturday evenings on RTV/RTN in the time slot the original was. the entire cast has been replaced, the story is more like a hunt-and-kill more than it was, there's hardly any action sequences, and the Bell 222 is no longer existant; a really unrealistic model is being used and from the way the rotor hardly rotates, i'd say the model was a ceiling fan.

the shots inside are all wrong, and the theme song is butchered. it's a travesty. a lot like Galactica 1980 and the subsequent travesties to that series.

It's not 'new', it was made in the late 1980s or early 1990s. it was not really a reimagining or a wipe the slate clean and start over, more likely it was their way of killing off Hawke and Santini, and putting in a bad version of his long lost brother and some punk girl and just killing whomever pops up on the screen.

Any action footage is just reused from past episodes, a lot like the way Star Trek Generations re-used the same Bird of Prey explosion from The Undiscovered Country.

It's incorrect to title it 'Airwolf II' since that was the obvious rip-off of KITT vs. KARR from Knight Rider and i think that was either from Season 2 or 3. that was the one where someone built a copy of Airwolf and titled it Redwolf, where some guy with a grudge against Hawke (though never showed up in a previous episode, leaving the audience to wonder just WTF he had against him---only that he was obviously insane) and we got to see that apparantly Airwolf also has KITT's bulletproof shell, as all the shots literally bounced off the massive helicopter and also the laser refused to penetrate it. Redwolf, like KARR, got blasted in the end, as if anyone was surprised at that. it, still, was not nearly as cheesy as the 'new' Airwolf, which goes by the same name as the original
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As I recall, though, Jan Michael Vincent returns for the last episode of the series. I think they did a wrap up. I could be wrong, but my memory is saying that he showed up at some point. Boy, that guy sank his career with drugs. What a shame.
Of course, RTV still airs the new 'airwolf' in place of the original. i'm wondering how long before Buck Rogers and BattleStar Galactica ('78) last before their badly renewed versions take over.