Albertville MN wanting to get outside antenna advice


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Already have a directv dish up on my garage roof. Here is my TV Fool TV Fool

I have tried a Mohu Leaf, an RCA ANT1450BR, and an RCA ANT111 but all are getting very spotty reception inside. Mohu leaf is the only one to get NBC 11 but it's sitting flat on our floor in the way of everything to get it.

I have read that the ANT751R is a great antenna. Is it the best for my TV fool report? I plan on just installing it to the directv dish J-pole. It has the supporting feet attached to the j pole so it should be secure enough for the MN winds correct?

House has coax outlets in every room already. I'd plan on using the antenna for 3 tv's at this point.

Thanks so much.
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Either a ClearStream 2V or ANT751R should work. Aim it at Shoreview, not up in the sky where dish is aimed.

Remove all satellite multiswitches and splitters, reuse ONLY the coax cable and, as long as it's not in a lousy location, the physical mount.

These compact antennas are only a mere fraction of the wind load of the satellite dish.
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Ok it's official my Directv has been cancelled at midnight. It's a great feeling to no longer have a bill we don't use much now with 2 young ones running around.

One question I have is if I need a distribution amplifier which is better the Channel Master 3414 or the HDA100 along with a splitter down the line? I'll be using the antenna for 3 tv's.
:welcome: Basstracker34,

You really have a great TV Fool Report. :thumb: What's especially nice is I don't see anything below the "green" (NM = 34) that would be of much interest -- correct me if I'm wrong. Assuming that's the case, you can just look for the cheapest conventional (by conventional I mean a non-amplified antenna with published gain figures, from one of the top four manufacturers) outdoor UHF antenna. There are dozens to choose from.

I think the excellent posters so far are assuming KPXM will come in off the backside, since it's so unusually strong. I also suspect high VHF channel 9 KMSP will come in with most UHF antennas pointed in that direction. Maybe Project or Steve will dispute that. BUT you have the RCA ANT751R as a reasonably priced, small antenna with high VHF. And you have a month to look around for a better deal.

You must have something in the walls seriously disrupting indoor RF wave reception. Really interesting that the Leaf has to be on the floor to get that one station. :eyes:

Congratulations on your decision to cut the cord!!

I live in an area with strong VHF signals and weak UHF signals and in a good location can get by using a UHF antenna to receive both VHF and UHF signals.
I have read that the PCB type balun some commercial UHF antennas use degrades the already poor VHF performance of the antenna even more. Not being familiar with the VHF signal response of all UHF antennas I would be hesitant to recommend a UHF antenna for reception of VHF signals. Both the impedance match and the directivity of a UHF antenna can change from one VHF channel to another. If VHF signals are strong enough it doesn't matter.


If the RCA ANT751 isn't good enough, then I'd recommend the Winegard HD7694 or Antennacraft HBU22, as those focus more on UHF than VHF, as you only have NBC & Fox on VHF. Providing Ion on RF 40 is important, & you can't get a good signal with the antenna pointed toward the other stations, then adding a 2 bay UHF only antenna will help, pointed toward Ion's tower. I have a separate 2 bay UHF antenna for 1 UHF station in my area, because it doesn't lock in if I don't have that antenna hooked up. As for K19BG, providing it's in digital, I would only look at trying to get that station, if you think any network from Luken Communications is important. The license holder is Digital Networks LLC, but they carry a combination of Luken networks, including Retro TV, PBJ, Tuff TV, & Heartland to name a few.


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Ok an update. Finally got warm enough weather to get rid of the snow on the roof.

I got the satellite dish removed and while I'm still waiting to get the ant751r I attached the mohu leaf to the coax from satellite and get great reception on all 3 tv's at the same time. Even using the Directv power inserter box in basement and also using the Directv splitter SWM 4 way (MSPLIT4R1-03) listed as 2-2150MHz. I've removed the power inserter since I don't need it and still get great reception on all 3 tv's.

I will be getting the ant751r but what's the problem with leaving the Mohu leaf up on the roof for the time being? Coax is grounded in the basement. I'd be avoiding the grounding wire from the satellite mount though.
Ya, that's the only thing. Any bad weather and it could fall apart outside. Get water on the brain. :becky:

You might want to save the Leaf for a friend in need. Could be the cat's meow in your neighborhood for someone in the right building.



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Got the ant751r ordered from amazon and it should come by Saturday. Was waiting for it to go down in price but it's been fairly steady at $50.99. I'll probably just take the leaf down from the roof just to be sure. I would have put something heavy on it to keep it from blowing away but wasn't sure of waterproof etc. Couldn't find anything online for it being ok to mount outdoors.

This just seems to be too easy. I was expecting complications from bad signals or some coax wiring work needed.
Is there any reason to switch out the directv splitter MSPLIT4R1-03 (confirmed to work) with the one I got frmo Menards(still unopened) 3-Way Signal Splitter at Menards
Shouldn't make much difference. Any plans to add a fourth TV? The MSPLIT4R1-03 is rated for 2 - 2150 Mhz with 10 dB max insertion loss. The 3-way should lose a little less -- around 7 dB or so. So on a bad day, you might have a signal cut out that would remain stable with the 3-way.

Your call.



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At some point in the future I could see a 4th tv so I'll just keep it. Not worth paying $3 to lose the option at this point.

Got ant751r installed. Works great. I get more channels than the mohu leaf did on the roof temporarily mounted. Although most of those new channels are religious ones or spanish ones that are no use to me. Says 48 channels.

Thanks everyone for the help and for this website too. I have learned so much.
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Got ant751r installed. Works great. I get more channels than the mohu leaf did on the roof temporarily mounted.
YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! Once in a blue moon we get it right. :cheers:

most of those new channels are religious ones or spanish ones that are no use to me. Says 48 channels.
Well, that means the stronger stations are more stable. You have something that can stand up to the weather -- physically and functionally.

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