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This question is about "Alert not tunable", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. On Friday December 30, 2016 a technician came to my house while my daughter was here and said he had to get into the backyard to get to a pole there. My daughter let him back there and when he finished the cable tv was out at our house. When I got home the boxes had the error message of "alert no tunable " on two of them and the third (which is a different style box) had the message of the info for the show at the bottom and one moment please at the top. I first contacted TWC via internet chat and he couldn't fix the matter with my tv. I tried again also via internet chat and he couldn't do it neither so I called in. This is now Saturday December 31, 2016. I was told by the technician on the phone that someone would have to come out and fix it but the next available was Friday January 6, 2017. No one was going to be here so I said I would call back and set up a date I knew someone would be. I called back on Monday January 2, 2017 and told the tech what was going on and that I needed someone to come out. He then told me he could do it over the phone after I told him what had happened previously. Smh. After trying yet again to do it over the phone (when I already told him it would not work) he set up an appointment for Saturday January 7, 2017 and then told me it would be $34.00 for someone to come out. After I was about to go off on him, but I did not, he waived the fee for me (first good thing that came out of this). I feel it's the fault of the tech that came out because everything was working before he came so why should I have to pay. All I can say is thank God I didn't bundle my service because my internet and phone probably would be out right now too and being here without all three I hate to even think about. I just know that if I don't get a solution at least by Saturday that Direct TV is looking better by the day.

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There may be times when your Time Warner television and app may not be working, with you being met with a "not tunable" alert on your television screen. Though Time Warner's cable boxes work well most of the time, there may be an occasional problem that might arise, especially if your cable box is out of date or is an older model.

To fix this issue, unplug the cable box from the outlet or from the box itself. It is important then to wait about 30 seconds before you re-plug the cable box. Why is waiting 30 seconds so important? It's all about capacitors. Like many electronics, your Time Warner cable box is made up of a series of capacitors that act like batteries that fill up when a current runs through them and discharges otherwise. About 30 seconds is the amount of time that will take the capacitors to discharge enough for the electronics to truly power-down and stop running. Similar electronic mechanics can be seen when you turn off your PC — even when there isn't any power running through it, LED lights on your motherboard will take a few seconds to completely disappear.

Wait until your cable box reboots without turning the Time Warner cable box on. The process can take several minutes. You'll know that it has rebooted completely when the time display returns to the front of your cable box. Press the power button to turn the Time Warner Cable box on.
If this hasn't fixed any intermittent issues with your cable box, then contact Time Warner — they will send a technician to look at your set up.

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