Alfie Boe, Warwick Davis Highlight Hysterical Episode of 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks'


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'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' is a rather outrageous comedy quiz show currently airing in the United Kingdom. It has proven to be quite successful since its beginnings back in 1996. I tuned in for the first time yesterday because my favorite performer, Alfie Boe, was one of the guest panelists in what was billed as a special movie edition of the game.

Along with Boe, comic Chris Ramsey, host of the UK edition of 'The Voice' Emma Willis, and McFly singer Tom Fletcher comprised the two teams. The regular team captains were Phill Jupitus, who has been on the show from the start, and Noel Fielding, both comedic actors. Hosting the show was Warwick Davis, who proved to be just wonderful in the part. He displayed an amazing sense of humor, especially over a mini-bar prop used in the first round.

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While the show is sometimes on the outrageous side of the line in terms of theme and innuendo, not to mention the occasional off-color language, I laughed like crazy throughout it. All the cast had their moments and quips, and one of the best parts was just the unceasing surprises that kept happening as the show progressed.

Of course, it took a bit to get used to what was going on. One section called the Intros round (think 'Name That Tune') had two members of a team trying to get the third to guess the title of a song. Unable to use words, the two teammates had to use only sounds in their 'performance'. Poor Chris Ramsey took plenty of abuse for his problems trying to guess the correct tunes.

Davis really was the hit of the half hour with his quick wit and ability to laugh at just about anything. He really was a delight to watch. Willis was arguably the best of the panelist in guessing the right answers. Fletcher hung in okay even when dealt a blow Davis handed him when Boe's turn came up during the Intros round that followed Fletcher's. "You should be good at this, Alfie, being a singer and all that," Davis told the sharply-dressed Boe. It was Ramsey who immediately pointed out, "I notice you didn't say that at Tom - wow." The laughter was huge.

Boe, who was a bit out of his element but looked to be having a good time, not only laughed a lot himself, but was the focus of some of the biggest laughs during the production. While talking about the Les Miserables film, he mentioned that the lead role had gone to Hugh Jackman. As conversation progressed, Felding mentioned, "Hugh Jackman has been in an opera, but he hasn't been naked in an opera, has he?" Knowing what was coming, Boe looked down briefly and answered simply, "No." Then Felding questioned, "And you have, haven't you?" Obviously, Felding knows his Boe trivia. Indeed, it was in La Traviata that Boe revealed all of himself to the audience, only the reaction was so hot and distracting that the director changed his mind and kept the performer merely shirtless for the big scene. "Alfie Boom," Jupitus joked in response. Boe's contribution: "It wasn't a small part."

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The biggest highlight may have been a spontaneously sung line, prompted by Felding's joke regarding the soundtrack for 'Run for your Wife." On request, Boe stood had the audience and panelists laughing and applauding him for this thunderous line, "The squirrels, they ate my cake."

All in all, I liked this show, even with the craziness. It helped, of course, that Boe was central to the levity.

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For most of the UK, 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' airs every Monday night on BBC Two at 10pm with a repeat airing Sunday nights at 11pm.



The decision to have Mr. Boe shirtless only in La Traviata was made before opening night. The only "audience" to see him au natural was at the dress rehearsal.