All I have to say is, 'Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground"


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You know what is sad? This is gonna be a hit song. Everyone is talking about, using it in comic bits, and singing it. Gotta admit it's weirdly catching, but this is the oddest AI has had since whatshisname -- Wm Hung?


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Lol I think that song is so funny and true. Your right it will probably be hit and start coming out on tv shows. We joke about all the time here at home and sing it, my little girl thinks its silly.
It really takes a lot for American Idol to interest me anymore, but that "Pants On The Ground" song was so terrible and awesome, I couldn't help but love it. Of course it doesn't make American Idol look good, when many people watch the show for it's oddities instead of for the "talent" or lack thereof for many contestants.