'All My Children' TV to Web Transfer Could Change Everything!


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From The Article:
In roughly two months, the long-running ABC soap opera "All My Children" will end its run on the network -- and three days after that, thanks to an unprecedented licensing agreement between ABC and the production company Prospect Park, it will enter the history books as the first broadcast television series to move intact from television to the Internet.

If "AMC" succeeds there, either as a free advertiser-supported Web series, or on a pay-per-month or pay-per-view and/or download platform, everything we know about the production, distribution and potential longevity of broadcast and cable programming will likely change forever. (What a shame that "Guiding Light," which Procter and Gamble and CBS gave up on two years ago, wasn't allowed a similar shot at Web redemption -- which would have made it the only entertainment series ever to move from radio to television to the Internet.)
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The fans should have fought for it more. However, there are pros and cons to this move. It's not yet clear what characters and actors will make the move. We already know Debbi Morgan's Angie Hubbard is gone, and Susan Lucci has agreed to do Erica only on a short term. The budget is way less than TV and some actors have already stated they aren't interested in continuing with deep pay cuts. Also, this will probably ruin what would have been a tremendous ending for the shows. They were truly going for the happy endings and were going to really give the fans something special. Now I'm afraid that's in jeopardy.