All shopping channels removed! - TimeWarner TV

When TWC announced they were merging and would now be known as Spectrum, we were assured it wouldn't change a thing for the consumer. As of about 2 hours ago, anyone who has the 100 channel package can no longer access QVC, HSN, or EVINE. When I called in to ask why, even the rep was blindsided by the sudden change. These are not just viewing channels, these are shopping portals commonly used by the elderly and infirm, as well as everyday folks. Now we have to up our service and payment just to get back to where were were? What about those on fixed incomes? How dare the cable company claim nothing will change and then strip us of all shopping networks. . .and right before the holidays?! We were flat out lied to and if this issue isn't reversed soon, I hope they lose a significant number of subscribers. I, for one, will be looking at other options for TV service.