All WiFi Service with Xi6 boxes



This is to the community. Has anyone started using the wireless package that uses the Xi small boxes?

From the the start of the install, we’ve had nothing but trouble with it. Then initial tech came out and said that we have to perform the “go to on-demand movie first, then go to live channel from there” trick...until Xfinity sorts out the trouble. I had been working with a customer service specialist on here to help solve, as he thought this was an incorrect statement from the original tech. Eventually they sent out a different tech only to be given the same story...that it’s a nationwide issue. So in the meantime, in order for us to watch live TV, we have to first start an on-demand movie then finally we can go to a live channel. Does anyone else have this issue? I’ve seen similar older complaints, but the solutions were never posted, if any actually were solved.

"All WiFi Service with Xi6 boxes," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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