Allio ATVI-3G4542 42-inch HDTV With Built-In PC (HTPC)

Jason Fritz

Staff member
The Allio ATVI-3G4542 42-inch HDTV With Built-In PC was reviewed today by the Lincoln Spector of PC World via Washington Post. Started off on a good note about the specs until the third sentence down...

...the HDTV and PC components of the ATVI-3G4542 don't play well together, and each is exceedingly difficult to use. On top of that, this TV's image quality does not justify its premium price.
Ouch. Not sure what to think about separate power switches for the TV and PC. For efficiency and power saving, it sounds great but I'd probably want the PC on at all times anyway for the DVR and playback capability on the fly.

Worst of all, All TV inputs and PC ports (including the PC's six USB ports) are on the back of the Television which makes "Plug N Play" a PITA!