Already have working DTV - DirecTV

I already have a fully functioning DTV (customer since 2002 and relocated to my new house in 2014). Thing is, I am being charged almost double what is normal due to recent merger between AT&T and Direct TV.
AT&T agreed, then set me up with a new contract, meaning a new install, lower cost and much better features. Yesterday, the installer came out, said he couldn't help me because I don't have "line of sight". I showed him my TV which was running DTV (I'm watching DTV right now) but he insisted there wasn't any line of sight. We eventually got his supervisor on the phone, Ted Wieck. I told him what I was trying to accomplish. He said that if his guy said there's no line of site, then that's that. I invited him to come out. He said no, he would not come out to confirm his technicians findings.
Any suggestions on where to go from here?

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