Amazon emails not being delivered - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Amazon emails not being delivered", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Since 1 July, I have been unable to receive any email from

It began when I was informed that due to the fact I use two devices (my smart phone and my desktop) to access Amazon that it needed to verify that I was who I claimed to be. This was to be done by sending a verification code to my email address. Alas, no verification code arrived even at phone contacts and numerous emails to Amazon (yes, they can receive my email). Finally, they confirmed that the emails were being accepted by Specturm/Time Warrner Cable IP - but, the apparently are no being fowarded to me. They even gave me a code that is suppose to mean something to TWC email experts - and of course, its been made impossible to contact technical support. The code is 250 2.0.0 eNUmfYvjpYAYSeNVUfXYuG

Anyway I can get in contact with Spectrum Tech support?


Amazon emails not being delivered?
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