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I am doumbfounded that I have been attempting for more than 3 months to have Xfinity tech support resolve an issue without success. As a software systems architect with more than 40 years expience it would seem to me that there must be a database or error log that could be looked into by tech support to resolve the issue. My Xfinity box has been reinitialzed no less that 10 time and that seems to be the only action that anyone knows to try. Reinitialization DOES NOT correct the issue. Please address the matter or I will, by dropping Xfinity.

Issue: Though I can access Amazon Prime and watch anything I wish via the internet, through the TV or otherwize, when I access it through Xfinity's app I get to the see all the available shows but when I select one of them I am told I have no account to access these shows.

Perhaps a database or error log could shed some light on this issue.

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