Amplifer didn't work for antenna

Tried and amplifier in line, fron Wal-Mart and only channel received was Fox Channel 13 from West Coast. With cable installed, I believe signal is divided with spliters & digital signals are not as strong as former analog signals, thus High Defination TV tuner will not be able to pick up same.


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Could you describe your antenna, any devices or tuners between the antenna and the monitor or any lengths of coax and splitters, amplifiers, etc in the system.

Plus if you could post your information. Just go to the site, and then follow the steps, and copy and paste a link to the last page with the charts and graphs.



By "dipole," do you mean a pair of rabbit ears, like this:


An unamplified pair of rabbit ears with a loop in the middle is very likely all you need for good reception. Take the inline amplifier back; your signals are so strong that a booster of any kind will overload the digital tuner, which means you lose stations. What I'd get instead is a 6-foot coaxial cable and a "bullet" coax connector to extend the antenna's cable so that you can locate it away from the TV. The tuner itself emits signals that can interfere with reception if the antenna is too close to it.

Please note: All bets are off if the TV is deep in the basement (behind concrete foundation walls and earth), or your home has brick, stone or stucco exterior or aluminum siding. All of these materials can block even strong signals from getting to the antenna. You'd need an outdoor antenna in any of these situations.