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hello to everyone

i have a question i wish setup 3 televisions well i have two already in the setup but when i added the third one i get no signal of the channel 33 UHF 11.1-11.2 which is weak signal and was wondering if put an amplifier i currently i use in outside an dish splitter holland of three ways and i do not know if put the amplifier, if do not or if have to put one in the outside of home or can be in the inside of home.

my setup is like follow from my rooftop antenna i have run the cable to the first story and there is the splitter and from there goes the 2 coaxials cables to the indoor.

any help will be appreciated

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Best place to amplify is as near to the antenna as possible.

Amplifying the signal after it is already in the house also amplifies all the spurious signals the coax can pick up on the way in.

If you don't have any stations that are too strong (that might overload the tuner) amplification is mainly for your case, where you either have a long cable run or split the signal and thusly drop below the threshold.

Is your three way splitter balanced or unbalanced?

A balanced three way splitter can almost double the signal to the secondary outputs over a three way that is just two two-way splitters crammed into a small box. Of course it drops the output of the primary at the same time because al three are the same instead of being -3.5db;-7.1db and -7.1db - they all are about -5.1dB.

In your case, I believe you have a couple of pretty strong local signals that may preclude high powered pre-amps like the CM7777, but a Winegard HDP269 or the Channel master (whose model I can't remember right now but with similar performance) should work. The have about 12 dB amplification but are designed to resist overload.
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