An inside look at Comcast customer care


Found a great article on Comcast Customer Care today. I'm actually doing a research paper this next month about customer care and large cable company's, so this article is perfect for me.

With over 370,000 calls per month, I can imagine that they stay pretty busy.

Funny part is, the VP of customer care for Comcast said that two thirds of call calls are non related to Comcast services or products.

Non related items like,
...people calling about programming -- like why certain football games are blacked out -- something Comcast has no control over.
Anyway, when someone calls 1-800-Comcast, they are given an automated identification number after describing the type of question and where the caller is calling from, the call is then transferred to local based call center.

Comcast has it setup that each call is directed with precise handling due to the nature of the call. For instance, if a caller is calling in to complaining about channel quality, the call would be routed to the customer care representative with the most experience.
That's a good thing to have. Then the associates aren't randomly transferring customers. I think all companies should have that service on their automated service.


We rarely have to call them, but when we've needed them, they have come promptly and on time and the problem is fixed. Whatever they do, and however they do it seems pretty efficient to me.


My local Comcast office is not very friendly or helpful. However, the national customer service line seems willing to do whatever I need to make me happy. They really appreciate my business and I appreciate being appreciated.


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Thank you for that Utube tip I have really been frustrated by clicking on a video and seeing that it is not available anymore.I really appreciate your tip.


That is a fantastic idea. Routing calls to people that can really handle the problem is the key. But I find that information about so many unrelated calls being wrong. Since when do they not have control over channels that are blocked. Why are they blocked and why do they show up in the menu if they are blocked.


Comcast sucks

Comcast is now trying to just stay afloat with verizon fios going into lots of places....
Comcast loves to blame problems on customer's premise equipment and never their service or crapppy signal or fault

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