And this benefits me HOW????

Prior to installing my converter box I received 15 channels. I do not have or want cable, and live in a high-rise building in Baltimore. Now I receive 5 channels. The problem is that previously I could receive weaker channels, but just with an imperfect picture. I still can if I switch back to analog. But with the converter if the signal is weak I get NOTHING!

In February, can I still switch back to analog? Or am I going to have to get cable to get the stations I used to receive for free? And, again, how doed this benefit me?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi Bruce,
We're going to need some more details when you get a chance on your setup.

1. What kind of converter box do you own?

2. Do you use an antenna? If so, is it indoor or outdoor? Is it a powered antenna (Do you have to plug in a power cord?)

3. Are there other high-rise buildings in your area?

4. You receive no picture when you have a weak signal, but with the digital channels you do receive, is there any problems with the clarity or reception of them? Pixelation or ghosting?

Sorry to hear your bad experience. At our house, we're a pretty short distance away from our broadcast station towers, and after purchasing 2 different types of antennas and a bit of troubleshooting we finally get "decent" dtv reception.