Android box with an ATSC tuner


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I am finding alot of android boxes for bargain prices with the DVB-T . couple ive found are over 150 bucks. Anyone know of any android boxes with an NTSC tuner for a reasonable price.

Reason I am looking for this is I figured I could run Hulu and install Next-PVR (or equilvilent) so I could also have DVR capability with a pretty nice looking on screen guide. As most lower end Digital boxes I have seen seem to have a pretty crappy guide.

I was thinking about maybe buying a box like this

and then hooking a USB TV tuner to it, but not sure which tuners work with android and which ones dont.

I happened to have a Hauppauge wintv-HVR850 Has anyone had any luck with that model of tuner working with an adroid box?

Any models of android boxes with tuners or ideas would be great. Or if you have a suggestion of another box that you think would fit my needs better I am all ears. I would be even happy with a DVR tuner box that had a decent friendly guide and


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