Angry at the Oscars


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More specifically, I'm angry about their Memoriam salute. At the beginning they focused too long on James Taylor and then they went to the audience. This meant that the viewing audience barely saw Patrick Swayze, who started it off. We didn't even see his name, and many people didn't even see him because of the direction. I'm outraged at that because he deserved better.

Not only that, but Farrah Fawcett was completely ignored. If Michael Jackson could be in that salute, then so could Farrah.

I actually sent an email to the Academy to complain, not that it would mean anything. They've done this before. Idiots.


Fawcett should have been in there instead of Jackson. Swayze and Fawcett may not have been Bogey and Bacall, but they were capable actors with dozens of leading roles and major credits between them. Jackson was an actor only if his spare handful of cameo appearances can be counted as a "career."

With all due apologies, Orry, nonsense like this is largely why I won't waste hours watching the glitterati pat each other on the back after yet another "grueling" year on the set. Takes all of about three minutes to find out who and what won awards by reading all about it the next morning...
I have to say that I hate the Oscars more and more as the years pass, and I am far too young to be such a grouch!

I just end up feeling disgusted every time I take a minute to watch, and then I just go back to watching a Hockey game or something.

Oscars have been becoming such a sham, I don't see how anyone could possibly enjoy them anymore.


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Did I say I watched for hours? lol I didn't. I missed the entire first hour, watched for the In Memoriam, then turned it off and tuned back in for the last couple of awards (Barbra was going to be on and I wanted to see her).
Johnny Depp would only ever get an Oscar if he was in some super popular, more "mainstream" type of film, because pretty much every movie he has ever been in was somewhat dark or at least twisted in some way...and that type of stuff rarely wins awards.