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I love animal planet, glad they have added Animal Kingdom, really miss Meerkat Manor, who would think that would be such a good show. Does anyone else have any animal planet favorites?


We loved Meerkat Manor, and none of the Animal Planet shows that they've had since has come close. And Meerkat Manor just had to end... the last season ("Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation") was pitiful... Flower's death was just too painful to overcome, for many of us.

Thomas G

Watched Meerkat Manor one time and liked it a lot but never got around to adding it to my season pass. The rest of animal planet's programming is so-so, IMHO. My wife once said she'd watch a lot more of it if they had cute little fluffy puppies on more often. lol.
I sadly lost respect for APL when their Animal Precinct kills all the rescued Pitt bull dogs because they are Unadoptable. Let me as a dog lover tell you a fact. NO animal is 'Unadoptable' those dogs need help and this asses gave up.

Also while I understand the value of predation does it really need to take up most programming? Teach us something else about the big cats, there is so much more to them besides eating animals alive.
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