Anne Rice petitions Amazon to prevent anonymous reviews - do you agree?


Anne Rice and some other people are petitioning Amazon to stop allowing anonymous reviews. While she's a book author, this type of policy change could potentially affect anything they sell including TV shows and equipment.

Personally, I'm not in favor of removing the ability to review anonymously. There are often legitimate reasons, including security, for being anonymous. Amazon already lets you use a real name OR a pseudonym if you choose. I think that removing this choice would keep a lot of good reviewers from posting anything (I know I've avoided leaving reviews on some sites that already took away this option, like Google Play), and it wouldn't really stop the trolls anyway.

What do you think of this idea?
I think to post a review on Amazon you should have to register with them, just as you can register on dtvusaforum, and I think multiple accounts or repeated abuses (at Amazon's sole discretion) should be grounds for dismissal. Credit card info should not be required just to register, and of course, if a name is required, people will tend to "misspell" their own names. I also believe accounts with 6 or less reviews should have those reviews marked as such, and should not be included in the average ratings.

I do think this would cut down on false reviews from sellers and/or their competitors. A higher level -- requiring real names -- would bring down abuse even more, but would also discourage too many legitimate reviews. It's a balancing act.


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