another new request for recommendations :)


My wife and I just recently moved into a house and I wanted to tackle on the TV antenna project but need your help!

Our TV fool report:
TV Fool

Location: roof, prob at the chimney.
Connection: using the displays built in tuner.
Antenna of choice: ??
Any additional parts: ??

Thank you so much ahead of time and appreciate your help.
You have some very strong signals that are both high VHF, and UHF. I would suggest a small combination high VHF/UHF antenna like the ones following links.
AntennaCraft High-Band VHF/UHF Outdoor HDTV Antenna (HBU11) from Solid Signal RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna: Electronics
Aimed at about 145 degrees magnetic should give you a good assortment of major networks, and sub channels.
Avoid amplifiers strong signal in your area could cause overload.

Fringe Reception

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Good plan Steve, but in his situation I'd try scanning, rescanning and rescanning around 175 degrees and the same around 350 degrees ... again, continually rescanning.

That's a great survey report (potential) -- but what is received is the game we play: black magic, sometimes.

For the OP, moving your antenna right or left or up or down even by 12 inches can make reception of missing stations possible. Don't install your antenna permanently until you find the best (hot spot) on your roof.

Good luck and keep us posted on your results!



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My, I hadn't realized that Antennacraft had come out with the HBU11. It's obvious that it was designed to compete against the RCA ANT751R. It would be interesting to buy all three antennas and put them to a head to head test.
I like your comment Dan. Seat of my pants guess I think you would have a close tie on VHF, and the Stellar Labs antenna should have an advantage on UHF.