Another Quality U-verse update - NOT! - DirecTV

Just got the new update here in California. Here's two things that really bug me after some initial exploring of what's changed.

1. Getting info in the favorites grid is now highly inconvenient.

If you push the info button on a favorites entry to read its full description and then push it again to return to the grid the favorites grid "homes" itself back to the lowest channel number you have in your favorites. In other words you loose position of where you were in the grid before pushing the favorites button.

Note, this does not happen when using the guide. But I never use the guide. The guide is the place I use to store my full channel lineup and to capture useless channels U-verse often adds.

Since this lost positioning problem only happens in the favorites and not the guide I have to assume it's a bug. Because if it's a "feature" what possible reasoning could there be to justify this?

2. Scheduled menu is now "buried deep" in the recordings section.

Usually I review my schedule each night to make sure what I think is scheduled that night is actually scheduled (schedules can change so I double check). Before getting to the scheduled list wasn't that inconvenient. Now it's buried down in the recordings section requiring about 8 button pushes to get to it.

Overall I dislike the new format. Yeah, I suppose we will have to get used to it because we have no choice. But I can't help wondering, does AT&T ever test this stuff? Do they have focus groups to see if various changes are warranted and useful? Or do they just have a someone learning to code in a back room somewhere making changes for change sake, not doing any testing, and shoving this stuff "out there" for us to test and give feedback?

This question, "Another Quality U-verse update - NOT!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.