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I have another question regarding the converter boxes. Does someone have to come to my house to install the converter box, or is this something that I myself can do or a friend.


Does someone have to come and install the box for you?

You should be able to do it yourself. Most boxes come with the appropriate wires.

I have not seen it yet but I noticed a category on this forum of how to install. You might take a look at that section and that video.

Steps of a normal installation:

1. Disconnect the antenna wire going in to your TV or your VCR if you have one ahead of the TV.

2. Connect that antenna wire to the back of the converter box to a connector labeled "In", "RF IN", "Ant In" or something like that. Should also be on the directions with the box.

3. Connect the antenna wire that came with the converter box to the "In" on the back of the VCR. If you did not have a VCR then plug into the TV set. It goes where you unhooked the wire in step 1. Plug the other end of this wire into the "out" connection on the converter box.

4. Plug in the box into a wall receptical and install the battery in the remote control that came with the box. Be certain that the battery does not have a plastic film on it that would prevent electrical contact of the battery when it is installed.

5. Turn on the TV set and put it on channel 3.

6. Turn on the converter box. There should be some sort of indicator light on the front of the box that will come on or change color to indicate that it is on.

You should have somthing on your TV screen that will lead you through the first time setup of channels that you will recieive and other things.

If nothing comes up on the screen after a brief time turn to channel 4. If nothing comes up on the screen on 4 then recheck your connections and make sure that you have put the wires in the right place.

If you still have nothing you need help so contact this forum.

Antenna wire is a round wire called coaxial cable. It has a push on connector or a screw on hex connector. If you cannot loosed the hex connector with your fingers use a 7/16 inch wrench or a pair of pliers to loosen. This connector is not suppose to be more than finger tight. Do not over tighten with a wrench as you will damage something. Be careful to not bent the wire in the center of the coaxial cable. It should insert into the center of the connector that the hex screws onto or pushs over. If you have push on connectors your just push or pull on it.

If your antenna wire varies from the above and is a flat type of wire. You will need special instructions. If your TV or VCR has additional connectors the instuctions with the box should tell you what to do with them. Ask for help if you need it or if you are confused by now.

These instructions should not take the place of the instructions that came with the converter box. Be sure to follow all of the safety measures listed on the instructions that came with the box. In other words, if you brake something or get hurt we do not want to be sued over it.


you may need to install it yourself. i think there is also instructions. i just do not know how to do it but my mother has a converter box and she was the one who installed it.