Another Retro find

$10 bought me a 1978 Sears 20" TV with the Ultrasonic remote control (remote was THERE!!!) i tested it in-store before i bought it, and the darned thing works! even the remote!

I haven't mastered it yet though; the remote has only two buttons. the first is 'OFF-ON-VOL' and the second is "CHANNEL"

The first one is finicky. it turns the set on (with a loud *CLUNK*) and ups the volume, until let go. (i think?) the second press lowers the volume and if held down it turns the set off. i haven't mastered if that's the way or if there's a way to turn the volume down then back up without turning the set off/on, since there's no mute, i wonder if that's possible. either way it's neat to find a still-working set from the '70s with a working emitter remote!

Now i have to wonder if it will turn itself off or on when airplanes fly overhead? Used to have that problem all the time back when we had an old Magnavox Star System which used the same technology
Says 'Manufactured by Sears Roebuck & Co May 1978' on the rear.

says 'Sears Sensor Touch/Remote Control' on lower right front.

The model # is 564-4220

Remote top button turns set on and volume at midway. a second press lowers it down to 1/4. third press ups it until button is let go, fourth turns it off. press again process repeats itself. there is a loud, clunking of what appears to be a large solenoid when remote signal is received by the TV. solenoid appears to get stuck if remote button is held down too long requiring a manual reset.

bottom one just changes channels.

TV has a photoelectric cell on the front that changes brightness/color tones according to the room lighting automatically.

I also have a clock radio branded 'Sears AM/FM Digi-Trek II' and is an imitation digital clock which isn't a flip clock but a segment display which is mechanical. lit from behind with two 12V 194 bulbs.
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