Another Star Trek series?


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We may get another Star Trek show one of these days, though no deal is actually set. That said, there's reportedly enough story for a 5 to 7 year run (see full story). It would be a positive journey in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry and would take place after Voyager returned home. I love that it would be true to the entire Trek universe.


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I'd love another series, particularly one post-Voyager.

And I'd like to forget that the 2009 movie ever happened.

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Promises promises promices...

I think some of these guys just say they are going to create a new/continuation, just to hear themselves talk !

What I don't understand is...
Just how evident it is/was, that the Treks (all of them) have created literally a Lifestyle for millions of people.
And, a Network is hesitant to pick up on a proposal for a new Series ! ? ! ? :huh:

What could they possibly be thinking ! :yell:


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The way networks love the old over the new, I think a new series is possible at some junction. They have a hard time coming up with new stuff. Abrams is open to the new series. It's another new generation. If they do it right, it could work. I was actually okay with the '09 movie. It's AU, so that's why it works.


I love JJ Trek. It's a lot of fun. Some hard core fans seem to think it's not "real Trek" and people who like it are part of some dumbed down audience, but I find that snobbish. Ha, I even like the lens flares! (Although I do have to wonder how any of the crew can actually see on that ship.)

Okay, "Khaaaaaannn!!!" was pretty over the top, but I got over it. Nothing's perfect.

And yes, I'd love to see a new TV series.