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This question is about "Another T3/T4 Timeout Post", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Alright, guys. Another boring T3/T4 post.

Ontario, CA 91761/ Netgear CM700 V1.02.02; Ubee ModemRouter(not in use)/

I've had this service for 2 Years and I've had the same issue with dropped packets, service loss, "searching for DNS" messages etc. I've had TWC/Spectrum out no less than 5 times and its always progressively getting worse. I've made due, stopped playing certain games online, bought my own modem & router(which eased the suffering until recently) and now it's coming back full force.

The coax coming in has one coupler where it comes from the ground(tested fine), with the rest of the coax going straight to the modem. They had hooked up a 6dB attenuator during one of the visits.
With the attenuator connected the internet "feels" stable, ie less pack loss, but the internet will go out about 5-6+ times a day for about 5-20mins each. The picture doesn't show but it still gets plenty of correctables&uncorrectables. Just the modem needed to be reset and I couldn't wait.

Without the attenuator the connection feels less stable, ie ping spikes/packet loss etc, but the internet may go down once or twice a day and only for a minute or two, sometimes not even long enough to disconnect from servers etc.

The last service tech I had out 9-12mos ago was incredibly hostile and threatened to have my service shut off if I so much as looked at their modem again...and so I haven't been able to muster up the stones to call them back out since then but my internet is progressively

getting less and less usable for the $100/mo I'm paying for it

So please. Help a guy out. 2 years is long enough. Or maybe I'm crazy and it's all in my head. I just want some clarification lol

Thanks in advance

Modem Log
With Attenuator
W/O Attenuator

Another T3/T4 Timeout Post?

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