Question: Antenna Advice Needed, Evergreen, CO


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POINT TO 56 DEGREES. You should get abc, nbc, cbs, pbs, MyN, and CW - and possibly Fox. You may have to try several locations to get good reception for all of them, since you have several 2-edge signals.

You need an antenna that's designed for UHF and VHF. Perhaps something like a ChannelMaster 2018 or 2020 would work.

Any other suggestions, gang?


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Since KBDI is coming in from the west (RF13/virtual 12) you will want the VHF section of the antenna to be able to pull in VHF from it's back side. The CM 2018 and 2020 may be good choices for a combo antenna. Another option would be to get two antennas. An Antennacraft Y-5-7-13 for VHF and a 4 bay (AC U4000, AD DB4, CM 4221HD, etc.) for UHF so that you can aim them independently for the best results. You would combine the antennas using a UVSJ UHF VHF Band Separator/Combiner. I know that the Y-5-7-13 does a good job of picking up stations behind it. I don't have any experience with the CMs.
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Possible Channel List

2.1 KWGN The CW
2.2 THIS
6.3 Create
7.3 The Cool TV
7.4 24/7 News
9.2 Accuweather
12.1 KBDI Colorado PBS
12.2 KBDI +
12.3 MegaHertz worldview
20.1 KTVD MyNetworkTV HD
20.2 NBC-Universal Sports
31.1 KDVR Fox
31.2 Antenna TV
38.1 TBN
38.2 The Church Channel
38.3 JCTV
38.5 Smile of a Child
59.1 Ion
59.2 Qubo
59.3 Ion Life

Plus a lot of Spanish channels.


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Thanks very much for the input. Will the antennas proposed require line of sight to the transmission tower?
As far as height is concerned I don't think you will get line of sight, but I don't think that will matter. You should be able to aim the antenna somewhere in the 56 degree area and pick up all of the stations. As a point of reference I'm 2-edge (two major obstacles between me and the towers) for both Mount Morrison (KRMA) and Lookout Mountain (KCNC, KUSA, KMGH, KTVD, KDVR, etc.) and everything comes in fine. I'm currently using an Antennacraft Y-5-7-13 and a homebuilt Gray-Hoverman mounted in my attic.
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Since it appears I am roughly only 7 miles from the Lookout mountain towers, but at 56 degrees I have a small ridge behind the house and then after that LOS, and I really am only interested in the Lookout mountain transmissions and will install in my attic due to HOA restrictions (30 feet off ground), and above all I am a serious noob, which of the mentioned antennas channelmaster, antennacraft would you think would be my best shot. Thanks